About the Journal

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Public Health in the Deep South is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal focused on disseminating high quality research and/or effective applied techniques to academicians, educators, and practitioners.

JPHDS is the first publication to specifically focus on public health issues in this geographical space and with an appeal to both research and applied public health professionals and educators. JPHDS will initially be hosted on the MPHA website and with an early focus on research, practice and teaching emanating from Mississippi.

Topics addressed include:

  • aging
  • alcohol
  • chronic disease
  • climate change
  • communicable disease
  • community water fluoridation
  • Ebola
  • environmental health
  • financial health
  • global health
  • gun violence
  • health administration
  • health disparities
  • health education
  • health equity
  • health promotion
  • health reform
  • health in all policies
  • health rankings
  • health community design
  • healthy housing
  • high school graduation
  • injury and violence prevention
  • lead contamination
  • maternal and child health
  • medical care
  • mental health
  • nursing
  • nutrition
  • office professionals
  • physical activity
  • preparedness
  • prescription drug overdose
  • public health accreditation
  • public health education, policy, and research
  • public health standards
  • racism and health
  • reproductive and sexual health
  • rural health
  • school-based health care
  • social determinants of health
  • social work
  • stress
  • substance misuse
  • tobacco
  • transportation
  • vaccines
  • Zika
  • and other public health-related topics.

Types of Articles Published

Several types of articles in the content area listed above are considered appropriate for the journal:

  • full manuscripts
  • research briefs (overview of ongoing projects, preliminary research, or limited findings)
  • multimedia presentations (digital interviews, lectures, and presentations)
  • practice and pedagogy

Individuals who are accepted to present at the MS Public Health Association Annual Conference are encouraged to submit their work to JPHDS. Additionally, the journal will accept editorials (expressing points of view on health issues). Editors may directly invite individuals to submit a manuscript.

Frequency of Publication

The Journal of Public Health in the Deep South will be published at least once a year, with intermittent special issues.

For More Information

Visit the MPHA website.