Background: As Covid-19 causes increased morbidity and mortality, vaccination status is at the forefront of preventive action. However, approximately 52% of residents still need to be vaccinated in Mississippi. These rates are even higher among the 18–24-year-old demographic, where only 38% have reported full vaccination.Purpose: This study aimed to assess the underlying reasons for COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy among college students in the 18-24-year-old demographic.Methods: A 21-item survey was administered to college students at a large southeastern university to assess their beliefs and vaccination status regarding COVID-19.Results: Regarding safety, intention, and severity of COVID-19, statistical significance was found between those college students who were vaccinated and those who were not.Conclusion: Several identified reasons for vaccination hesitancy were derived from perceptions and beliefs on vaccine safety, intentions, and severity of COVID-19. To increase the number of vaccinations among the 18-24-year-old demographic, communication from medical providers, close family members, and university communication may be the most effective.



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