As the official journal of the National Rural Education Association, The Rural Educator serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas among the rural education community. The journal aims to provide a greater understanding of the strengths and needs of rural education and to provide rural educators with resources that support their work.

The Rural Educator has been published by the National Rural Education Association, with some gaps, since the early 1900s. Past issues of The Rural Educator dating back to 2004 can be found at the journal's website. Previous issues of The Rural Educator as well as other publications of the National Rural Education Association dating back to the early 1900s (including The Country Teacher) are archived and can be found at The Hathi Trust in the NREA Collection.

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Current Issue: Volume 43, Number 2 (2022)

Research Articles


The Potential of Service Learning in Rural Schools: The Case of the Working Together Project
Benjamin Ingman, Katie Lohmiller, Nick Cutforth, and Elaine Belansky


In-the-Moment Experiences of Rural School Principals in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Simone White, Hobart Harmon, Jerry Johnson, and Brian O'Neill

Review of Research

Promising Practice Article

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