PROBLEM: Inadequate cleaning and disinfection practices in the healthcare setting create an environment in which infectious pathogens can linger for days or even weeks on high-touch surfaces, presenting an increased risk of infection transmission to healthcare workers and patients. PURPOSE: This project assembled a group of stakeholders to develop and implement an evidence-based intervention to improve environmental cleaning practices and protocol compliance in three diverse healthcare settings.METHOD: The National League for Nursing (NLN) Jeffries Simulation Theory was used to guide this project by providing an organized sequence for developing and implementing a simulation-based intervention to train healthcare workers on established cleaning protocols at a 451-bed regional hospital, a 1,003-bed academic medical center, and a 6-room independent nurse practitioner’s (NP) office, respectively located in the southeast and mid-Atlantic regions. INTERVENTION: Education on appropriate environmental cleaning skills for healthcare workers was accomplished through simulation-based training with debriefing for a total of two sessions per site. RESULTS: The pre-and post-implementation surveys documented a positive delta of 66.66% at the academic medical center, 37.5% at the regional hospital, and 62.5% at the NP office, for an overall average of 55.55% improvement in the participants’ confidence levels in their abilities to correctly perform environmental cleaning skills. CONCLUSION: Utilizing the NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory framework resulted in an organized and sustainable simulation-based intervention to enhance the environmental cleaning practices of healthcare workers.



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