Background: Few studies exist concerning university employees’ on-campus dining patterns patronage with regard to healthy eating principles. Purpose: To understand the importance that faculty/staff (F/S) place on healthy eating principles and the influence it may have on satisfaction and dining patterns at campus food venues. Methods: A validated online survey was used to collect data on F/S’s perspectives. The survey was distributed through a survey panel group, offered through the University’s Office of Research. Results: Responses on the importance of healthy eating principles showed a severe skewness towards high importance. Younger F/S placed higher importance on snacking than older F/S. K-means clustering identified F/S lunch dining patterns. A larger percentage of F/S consistently bring lunch to campus (41%) compared to purchasing lunch meals on or off campus, (17%) going home, (12%) or eating in a variety of different locations (30%), leaving a considerable number of untapped campus dining clientele. F/S were satisfied with the availability of water on campus but expressed lack of healthy food options, affordable prices, and convenience. Conclusion: By providing affordable healthy food options placed in convenient areas on campus, university dining services can increase F/S customers while contributing to a healthy food environment.



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