Timberly L. Baker: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7125-5375

Joy Howard https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1850-1455


This systematic review of literature on race in rural educational scholarship addresses the research question: 1) How are race and racism typically represented (defined, discussed) in rural education literature? a) What factors have been explored at length in regard to race and racism? b)Where are the predominant gaps in the research literature? In answering these questions we reviewed literature published in three rural education journals from 2001-2022 and used a systematic approach to the data collection, extraction, and analysis. The overall findings about race yielded four themes: Race as– descriptor, located within a racial hierarchy, socially constructed, and an element of diversity/race as multicultural/cultural. Similarly, the overall findings about racism yielded three themes: Racism as– systemic and institutional, a factor, and structural. These themes provided an organizing framework to discuss the findings from the relevant studies. Each theme included the citation of articles representing the theme and illustrations of each theme. This approach allowed for a comprehensive display of what themes arose while also providing examples of how these constructs were articulated within the scholarship review. We then used CRT to analyze the overall findings related to race and racism focusing on two tenets, social construction theory, and colorevasiveness. We end with a call to increase focus on research that disrupts white supremacy, examines structural and institutional racism as it operates in rural education, and takes race-conscious approaches to research in rural scholarship.

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