This introductory article for the special issue of the Journal of Human Sciences and Extension (JHSE) highlights respectful Extension research and engagement with dynamic urban communities. Like the 2017 urban-themed issue of JHSE, the intent is not to diminish the importance of rural and suburban Extension engagement but to better understand unique experiences of Extension in urban communities. The 35 contributing authors represent a range of geographic and programmatic viewpoints. Insights shared

  • demonstrate that diversity in our cities is multidimensional;
  • reinforce the importance of culturally relevant engagement;
  • address issues of access, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging;
  • highlight the impact of Extension investment in urban partnerships and communities;
  • underscore the complexity in metropolitan areas; and
  • emphasize the value and potential of our national networks.

Content in the introductory section indicates national support for urban Extension and presents perspective on diversity. The second section includes seven articles on Extension engagement with urban communities across the country. A few Extension leaders share what they are learning through book and media reviews. Article authors in the final section discuss a sense of belonging and practices to create the future of urban Extension. Articles provide food for thought, opportunities for practical replication or local adaptation, and ideas to keep the dialogue on urban Extension moving forward



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