Public concern about environmental protection has been developing for decades. However, a knowledge gap exists between farmers and consumers regarding the implementation of environmental protection practices through the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Extension can bridge this knowledge gap by developing effective educational programs about BMP use. This study sought to identify consumers’ perceptions of BMPs and preferred communication channels to facilitate the development of farmer-oriented Extension programs which assist with direct communication between farmers and consumers. Residents in seven Florida counties (N = 700) were surveyed for this descriptive study. Respondents were asked about their perceptions, beliefs, trust, and attitudes related to BMPs, as well as preferred communication channels for farming practices. The findings indicated the respondents either agreed or were undecided if farmers practice BMPs properly, and the majority perceived farmers’ engagement in BMPs as important. Over 60% of the respondents believed farmers practicing BMPs care about the environment and would trust and purchase products from BMPpracticing farmers. The respondents indicated their preferred information sources were mass media and communicating directly with farmers at farmers’ markets and local festivals. Therefore, Extension educators should develop educational programs for farmers emphasizing the need to communicate with consumers using consumers.



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