The relationship between a supervisor and his/her employee has a direct effect on the employee’s level of job satisfaction and decision to remain in the organization. Extension agent retention has been shown to increase when a positive relationship and supervisory support exist between an Extension agent and his/her supervisor. Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory was used to examine relationships with and impacts of supervisor management on Extension agent job satisfaction. A census of Florida Extension agents were asked to describe their relationships with their County Extension Directors (CED). Significant positive relationships were found between agent job satisfaction and ratings of the hygiene factors of Effective Senior Management and Effective Supervisor. A significant positive relationship was also found between these two hygiene factors. A significant difference was found between effective senior management and the agents’ CEDs gender, with agents with male CEDs reporting higher average levels of satisfaction with Effective Senior Management than agents with female CEDs. Significant differences also existed between agents’ Effective Senior Management satisfaction and years of working relationship between agents and CEDs. Extension supervision and leadership training should be a focus of Extension administration as effective supervision and management have a positive impact on Extension agent job satisfaction.



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