The demand for local food has risen dramatically over the last decade, and many states have created brands to promote products grown within that state. However, the effect of state brands on consumer perceptions remains unknown. Extension agents serve as change agents and a bridge between science and the public to purvey information for adoption decisions. This study sought to determine if differences existed between consumers’ perceptions of food labeled local and food labeled Fresh from Florida to inform Extension programming. Florida residents (N = 530) were surveyed utilizing a between-subjects experimental design. Respondents were asked questions about their attitudes, trust and transparency, and information preferences toward food labeled Fresh from Florida or local food, depending on the experimental treatment they received. Results of this study indicated that consumers shared similar perceptions of local and Fresh from Florida food, except for the belief that Fresh from Florida comes from larger farms, Fresh from Florida labeling is more trustworthy, and there is a greater desire to see a definition of Fresh from Florida food. When Extension agents develop programming on economic viability, information on local food and state brands should be included to help producers market their products and increase revenues.



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