The majority of university family science courses are predominantly comprised of women. Because family science classes are centered on information and concepts relevant for both men and women, it is important to understand gendered experiences to promote healthy family and romantic relationships. Not only would men benefit from these classes, but increasing male enrollment in family sciences courses will help promote gender diversity in higher education. The current study used qualitative analyses to examine the perceptions of male undergraduate students concerning the benefits of taking family science courses. Male undergraduates from three midsize universities in the Midwestern and Western United States provided open-ended responses via an online survey (N = 64). Three themes emerged: the classes provided students with valuable information; they had a better understanding of themselves and others; and the classes related to their future career path. Results provide support to promote gender diversity in family science classrooms, which is crucial for the interpersonal and educational growth of both men and women. Further implications of participant responses are discussed.



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