The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between satisfaction with supervisor and demographic variables among Ohio State University Extension program assistants. Participants were 149 Extension program assistants who completed the Satisfaction with My Supervisor survey (Scarpello & Vandenberg, 1987) and a demographics survey. Results, based on a five-point Likert scale, showed that participants rated themselves as slightly satisfied with their supervisors (M = 3.88, SD = .94). Participants reported their highest satisfaction with the way their supervisors listen to them, support them in dealing with other managers, and their fairness in appraising job performance. Overall, respondents were dissatisfied with the way their supervisors inform them about work changes, show concern for their career progress, and the frequency with which they were recognized for doing a good job. Satisfaction with supervisor was not related to level of education, marital status, having children under 18 living at home, program area, years of service, gender, or age. Findings suggest that the Ohio State University Extension organization should assess program assistants’ satisfaction with their supervisors and offer leadership professional development for the middle-level managers who serve in supervisory roles.



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