This study evaluated the implementation process of an email-based walking program from the perspectives of program deliverers. Twenty-four Extension Educators participated in the process evaluation. We used an online survey to examine the perceptions of the implementation process of Get WalkIN’, a twelve-week email-based walking program. Educators agreed that the provided program training and recruitment materials were sufficient for successful program delivery. Program implementation involved sending emails to program participants at least weekly. Educators also agreed that the program was easy to deliver and took twenty minutes or less to implement each week. Strengths and areas for program improvement are discussed. Suggestions included training on evaluation measures, inclusion of a process to send emails via tablets instead of only desktops, and ideas for engaging participants during program delivery. While the outcomes of this email-based program show positive behavior changes without face-to-face interaction between participants and Extension Educators, the face-to-face interactions familiar to Extension staff were still desired. Results will be used to improve implementation. Findings from this study can facilitate the development and implementation of other email-based Extension programs.



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