We describe the development, implementation, and evaluation of an introductory and interdisciplinary program to increase participants’ knowledge and awareness of wellbeing and intention to implement self-identified lifestyle changes. “Wellness and Wellbeing: What About Me?” was a University Extension pilot program that was designed to introduce wellbeing as a multidimensional construct. The program was delivered by Extension professionals in 14 sites across Iowa. Program evaluation consisted of a post-program assessment at the end of the seven-week series. The majority of the 115 post-program survey respondents were female, ranging in age from 22-88 years. Almost all survey respondents (89%) reported learning something new, and 94% reported that they intended to make a change to their lives because they attended the program. In addition, themes derived from open-ended survey responses supported the results related to awareness and intention to change behavior. Results from this pilot implementation were used to inform modifications to future program content, length, and dissemination efforts through Extension.



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