Substance use disorder (SUD) is one of the most detrimental health, social, and economic problems in the United States. Limited studies suggest providing tailored nutrition education during SUD treatment correlates with positive recovery outcomes. The University of Kentucky Nutrition Education Program conducted two focus group sessions to explore and determine educators’ instructional and programmatic needs who deliver nutrition education to clients in substance use recovery throughout Kentucky. The study team identified four emerging themes and several subthemes related to Nutrition Education Program educators working with clientele in recovery. The four emerging themes included: (1) current experiences working with the audience, (2) relevant components in the current curriculum, (3) suggested new and expanded resources for future curriculum, and (4) guidance to assistants new to the audience. Our research findings contribute to the development of new programmatic materials that are better suited to meet clients’ needs in recovery and ultimately improve SUD recovery outcomes. With increased knowledge on this emerging research topic, the University of Kentucky Nutrition Education Program will directly benefit Kentucky residents who suffer from SUD and experience its detrimental social and health implications.



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