Food retailers are key stakeholders in the development, implementation, and effectiveness of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) nutrition pilot programs. Qualitative interviews were conducted to gather insight from food retailers regarding the feasibility of proposed strategies to improve food choices among SNAP participants. Two corporate and six local-level food retailer managers were identified for interviews based on SNAP participation, rural- urban code, and type of food retail settings in the selected counties. Qualitative thematic analysis was performed by four research team members, and themes were identified via consensus. Marketing, incentive, and disincentive program models were well-received, while restriction and stocking standards models were less well-received. Food retailers viewed simple programs with easy implementation and educational components positively. Driving sales and programs that align with corporate and social responsibility goals were important factors related to willingness to participate in pilot programs. Insights from this present study can inform future pilot programs and promote food retailer buy-in.



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