Food insecurity is a prevalent issue throughout the United States, the state of Oklahoma, and on Oklahoma State University’s (OSU) Stillwater campus. Research has shown that college and university students tend to be more food insecure than national population averages and Stillwater’s food insecurity rates have been even higher. Mobile food pantries (MFP) generally have been effective in addressing food insecurity, but few studies have investigated their use to alleviate food insecurity among college students. Our Daily Bread Food and Resource Center (ODB) in Stillwater implemented an MFP on OSU’s campus. The present study surveyed students who utilized the MFP to assess their needs, food security status, and perceptions of the MFP. Of 130 students who answered the food security questions (after receiving their food), more than 83% were classified as food insecure. Respondents agreed that the MFP provided sufficient foods considering nutritional value, variety, diversity, and acceptability. Students were mostly unaware of available food assistance programs but were open to using them. Almost one-third of students reported no grocery or market within walking distance of their residence. Overall, the findings of this study showed a need for an MFP on OSU’s campus.



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