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Nathan W. Conner.



Employee potential and development are critical, and training has been identified as a way to create high-performing work cultures and high-potential employees. The purpose of this study was to understand how Extension employees perceive their self-leadership as impacting their transfer of training after they participate in professional development. The study aims to answer the following research question, “How do Extension professionals describe their experiences of transfer of training as influenced by their perceptions of their self-leadership? The methodological approach used for this research was the case study. Data collection methods included a questionnaire, interviews, and document review. A semi-structured interview protocol was used, and explanation building was used for this purpose. Through the coding of data, three themes and 12 subthemes emerged. Findings revealed that while they were specifically not aware of the strategies of self-leadership, participants did use some of the strategies naturally, found success when using the strategies as they related to transfer, and firmly believe Extension faculty need to learn more about self-leadership and the strategies to support transfer and their overall role.



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