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Super Parents is a group-based, Extension-led parenting program developed to enhance the parent-child relationship. Implemented by trained Head Start staff using the train-the-trainer model, this effort is achieved by teaching positive parenting practices, increasing parents’ knowledge of child development, instructing parents in activities and exercises for enhancing their child’s executive function skills, and encouraging the use of mindfulness techniques in parenting. The specific aims of our study were to evaluate the program's effectiveness among parents of young children ages 0 to 5 by examining changes in parenting attitudes, mindfulness, executive function, parenting efficacy, stress, and child behavior. Through the use of pre-program and post-program measures, increases were observed in a number of positive parenting behaviors and child outcomes, along with decreases in multiple negative parenting and child behaviors. Findings from this study can inform implementation decisions of other parenting programs or trainings administered by Extension educators.



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