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Professional development (PD) programs for science and agriculture teachers designed around the inquiry-based learning (IBL) teaching strategy could help to improve science proficiency amongst our high school students. PD that continues over a longer period of time is more effective than short-term workshops. The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of a prolonged PD program on teachers’ confidence in using IBL strategies for teaching animal sciences content. The following research questions guided this study: RQ1: What were participants’ perceptions of a prolonged PD program? and RQ2: How did the prolonged PD program influence the participants’ confidence in using IBL? For this project, the teachers completed three online modules focused on best practices for using IBL in the classroom and then participated in a five-day in-person PD program that was offered in Tennessee and Nebraska during June and July of 2022. Basic qualitative methodology was used, and four focus groups were conducted. The following themes emerged: perceptions of the PD and confidence in using IBL. Allowing teachers to work through the IBL activities as students appeared to increase their confidence in using IBL to teach animal science concepts in the future.

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