This study examined the perspectives of Extension and research faculty regarding integration of Extension and research (E-R) activities. Faculty with 50% or greater appointments in Extension or research at a Land-Grant University in the northeastern United States were identified as subjects for the study (N = 59). Study objectives were to determine the current status of E-R integration efforts, understanding of Extension and research faculty roles, barriers to E-R integration, and strategies for strengthening E-R integration activities. An instrument was developed by the researchers and data were collected using SurveyMonkey. Descriptive statistics were used to summarize data. Findings indicated that 1) both faculty groups strongly agreed that joint appointments are necessary for effective E-R integration; 2) Extension faculty viewed their role as the face of the university in that they are the link between campus and community; 3) barriers to E-R integration included lack of equal status in terms of research taking precedence over Extension, limited funding, and lack of recognition for Extension work; and 4) strategies suggested by both faculty groups included hiring more faculty with split appointments in Extension and research, increasing interdisciplinary research, enhancing funding for integration efforts, and providing graduate assistantships that involve E-R integration activities.



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