Cooperative Extension promotes healthy behaviors, including nutritious eating and physical activity. Research-based healthy meeting guidelines pertaining to foods and beverages served at Extension-sponsored events have been adopted in some states. The extent of adherence to Healthy Eating at Meetings guidelines was assessed by observing foods and beverages served at Extension-sponsored events across one state. Over a four-month period, 69 events involving foods and/or beverages were observed, including 33 events on a state university’s campus and 46 events across 36 counties. Observed events included meetings, workshops and conferences for faculty and staff, agricultural trainings and field days for the public, 4-H camps and special activities for youth and their families, and county and state fair events. Photos and menus of the foods and beverages served were assessed using a seven-item scorecard based on the Healthy Eating at Meetings guidelines. The average score for adherence to the guidelines was 57%, with a range of 10%-93%. Results suggest that adopting healthy meeting guidelines may not be enough to ensure that nutritious foods are served and that healthy eating is modeled at Extension-sponsored events. This study indicates that further research to explore Extension professionals’ knowledge of and attitudes toward healthy meeting guidelines is needed.



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