Social marketing campaigns can be an effective method for reaching and engaging limited-resource participants in health messages related to nutrition and physical activity. The target audience should be engaged throughout the process of message identification and creation. This study included focus groups with limited-resource caregivers to help identify information sources utilized, nutrition messages most likely to resonate, and preferred communication channels. Nine focus groups with 108 limited-resource caregivers were conducted. Most participants were between the ages of 21 and 44, with a majority receiving SNAP benefits. All participants were female with over half identifying as white. Two researchers coded focus group transcripts and identified themes. Participants expressed interest in nutrition particularly as it impacted children in their care. Nutrition information sources included family, health care professionals, and television celebrities. Participants expressed interest in practical nutrition content delivered through simple messaging. Communication channels frequently utilized included social media, posters in community agencies, and television news. Findings offer insight for nutrition professionals in creating and marketing nutrition messages that are competitive, accessible, and resonate with limited-resource caregivers.



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