Latino children have a disproportionately high prevalence of obesity. Parenting styles and food- and activity-related parenting practices influence children’s weight and weight-related behaviors. Fathers are underrepresented in existing healthy lifestyle intervention studies for families. The Padres Preparados, Jóvenes Saludables program was designed with an emphasis on paternal involvement for preventing childhood obesity among early adolescents. It offers eight weekly sessions delivered by Extension educators at community sites, with major topics of parenting skill training, positive parent-adolescent relationships, and healthy lifestyles related to healthy eating, physical activity, and screen time. The current study described pilot testing of the program for feasibility with a small sample of families in the Spring of 2017. Of the thirteen parents enrolled in the program, nine families, including all fathers, completed the program by attending five or more sessions and pre- and post-intervention evaluation sessions. Participant feedback indicated that program satisfaction was high. Participants also reported positive behavioral changes related to dietary intake, food- and activity-related parenting practices, and general parenting style. Findings demonstrated the feasibility of the program for engaging Latino fathers in promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors among early adolescents.



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