Human services educators are continually seeking ways to make instruction more effective and engaging. This study evaluated the AIAI-FTFD (Attention, Interact, Apply, Invite – Fact, Think, Feel, Do) Start-to-Finish Teaching Model for educators in an ongoing premarital educational program to determine the model’s effectiveness in implementing the concept of “teaching as an intervention” in human services educational programming. The AIAI-FTFD Model is designed to first, assist instructors to engage the audience’s attention, then introduce the information being taught with the purpose to facilitate interaction between the instructor and participants, next elicit application of the material to personal contexts, and finally, offer an invitation to participants to commit to practice the skills learned. This implementation science study assessed the targeted cognitive, emotional, and behavioral learning outcomes generated by using the AIAI-FTFD Model while completing the Before You Tie the Knot (BYTK) premarital education program online. A self-reported quantitative evaluation design was utilized to assess key objectives in the sample (n = 97). Clearly evident effect sizes were found in perceived knowledge and confidence gain in the ability to implement the skills covered in the training. Implications for how the AIAI-FTFD Model can facilitate change and learning in educational settings are discussed.



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